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I  have over 30 years of culinary and hospitality development. My experience includes Chef/Owner, of The Dining Room Restaurant, Epicurean Events, Culinary Instructor-Draeger's Cooking School, Private Chef, and Restaurant Consultant.

I have been hired for menu concept design, kitchen, and service staff recruitment, drafting training manuals, and as a dining room ambiance advisor.

The critically acclaimed restaurant, The Dining Room, offered a wide range of global cuisine that has been influenced by tropical and seasonal ingredients that are constantly evolving.

Producing more than 5,000 dinners and events, I enjoy most working closely with clients and guests. Helping to design their menus, managing kitchen and service teams, and assisting them in overseeing the entire production of the dining experience.

My family background is from Oahu, Hawaiʻi. My cuisine is classic French technique, mixed with tropical and seasonal ingredients from around the world - with a modernist approach. I am a private chef, restaurant consultant, and event director.

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